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  Transgender, Gender Fluid and Intersex Links

An effort has been made to link only to web sites that do not have erotic material or that link to adult web sites. Some resource sites rely on links to adult web sites for funding. One must use judgment when checking any web site. We do not advocate going to any adult or erotic web sites.

You are welcome to suggest web more transgender resource and intersex resource sites that can be added to the links on this page. Click here to send an email.

Colorado Anti-Violence Program
Group works to reduce violence against GLBT communities. Crisis line number is provided on the web site.

FTM International
Educational organization for female to male transgendered people. Site has articles, links and a newsletter.

Gender Talk
Web radio. Has web broadcasts. Site has numerous interviews and web links.

Gender Advocacy Project
This San Diego County organization website has new about support groups and events. The resource page has important resources, such as a list of some Trans friendly employers, legal resources and medical resources.

Gender Fluid Celebrities
Article titled "Celebrities Who Have Openly Identified As 'Gender-Fluid'" has names and photographs of some celebrities who identify as gender fluid.

GLAAD -Transgender Resources
The webpage has links to resources for Trans people who are in crisis, to Trans organizations and to LGBT+ organizations that provide services to members of the Trans community.

International Foundation for Gender Education
Organization works for expression of gender identity. Site has articles, news, events and a bookstore.

Intersex Society of North America
Site provides information about intersexuality. Pages also have links.

It's Time North Carolina
Organization promotes rights of transgendered individuals.

National Center for Transgender Equality
Works to promote equality in Washington, DC and to reduce discrimination and violence against transgendered people.

Non-Binary, Gender Fluid and Gender Expansive Youth: FAQ for Parents and Guardians
This is a Human Rights Campaign resource.

Queens University - Gender Identity
Canadian university web site. The web page discusses gender and gender identity, transphobia, gender dysphoria and some legal protections in the province of Ontario and at Queens University. There are links to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Renaissance Transgender Association
Organization provides places where people can learn about being transgendered. Site has newsletter and articles, including articles explaining possible causes of transgenderism.

Stophate 2000
Site works to reduce hatred and discrimination. Has chat room, forum, guestbook, newsletters and an extensive gay links.

Stophate Transphobia
Site works to reduce hatred and discrimination. Has chat room, forum, guestbook, newsletter and trans links.

The TransChristians web site has numerous articles. The web site is an excellent source of information about trans people, and has articles responding to the criticisms some Christians have of the trans-identified community.

Transgender Mental Health
Transgender Mental Health is a Blog maintained by an individual reporting to be a New York psychotherapist. The website has a bibliography of articles and books that could be of interest to Trans individuals.

Transgender Resources & Information
Minnesota organization that provides information and gives workshops. Site has educational information.

TransFaith On-Line
Site has articles and resource links.

Transgender American Vetrans Association
Organization works for the rights of transgendered American Vetrans.

Transgender Blogs
Site links to many blogs from around the world. Blogs can be a source of a wide variety of opinions. Some blogs provide good information and other blogs may have material some could find offensive.

Transgender Law and Policy Institute
Organization advocates for transgendered people. Web site has news, case law, hate crimes laws, school & college policies, employer policies and links.

Support group for straight cross dressers and their families.

University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine and Public Health -Resources For Transgender Youth and Their Families
UW - Madison campus web site. The webpage lists resources, including phone numbers, email addresses and websites.

Washington Gender Alliance
Washington state group assists those who are dealing with issues regarding either gender identity or gender expression.

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