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Created Gayhas over 250 LGBT focused sermons and LGBT centered devotions.

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Bisexual & Pansexual Links

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An effort has been made to link only to web sites that do not have erotic material or that link to adult web sites. Some resource sites rely on links to adult web sites for funding. One must use judgment when checking any web site. We do not advocate going to any adult or erotic web sites.

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13 Things to Never Say to Bisexual People
This is an excellent article that can be shared with people who do not understand bisexuality..

Advocate Bisexual
All of the articles about bisexuality on the Advocate can be found on this page..
Internet magazine has articles, personal stories, fiction, poetry, art and music sections.

BiNet BC
British Columbia, Canada bisexual community web site. Web pages has information about bisexuality and community events.

Bisexaul Bloggers
Facebook account for bisexual bloggers.

Bisexaul Canada
Bisexual Canada Facebook page.

Bisexaul History
Facebook page.

Bisexual Resource Center
Site has pamphlets, resources, links and pride products.

Bi The Way
Site has excellent resources and links. Some of the links may be more adult in nature. Adult links appear to be classified as adult links.

Colorado Anti-Violence Program
Group works to reduce violence against GLBT communities. Crisis line number is provided on the web site.

Bisexual Resources from GLAAD..

Huffington Post - Bisexual
Huffington Post - Bisexual Articles.

PFLAG Bisexuality
PFLAG bisexuality webpage.

Still Bisexual
StillBisexual is part of Community Partners, an education and advocacy organization that empowers those who are attracted to more than one sex and/or gender. This website has videos, educational information and merchandise.

Stophate 2000
Site works to reduce hatred and discrimination. Has chat room, forum, guestbook, newsletters and an extensive gay links.

Truth Wins Out
Organization tries to show that ex-gay ministries and ex-gay counnseling does not work. The web site has articles, audio podcasts, audio testimonies, and resources.

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