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Forgiveness and Homosexuality

Forgiveness and the Gay Community

Gays feel the anger many people in society have toward homosexuals. Given the general level of verbal abuse and rejection heaped upon gay people by society and the family, gay people have reasons to feel angry. Those reasons are just and proper. Many people in society have committed serious sins against gay people.

The anger from society, from the family and from church can be turned inward by gay people. As a result, some gay people mistakenly come to think they deserve to be treated poorly. A few gay people may go as far as to think they do not deserve human rights. In more extreme cases, gay people may even feel they deserve to be bashed.

Anger felt toward society, the family, the educational system and the church, and the anger some gay people feel toward themselves can hurt gay people. Bottling-up anger toward yourself or toward others is not healthy. The anger needs to be released and expressed in ways that do not harm people.

Some gay people have been so deeply hurt in the family, in school or in church that just mentioning the words family, school or church can cause anger. The hurt might be expressed with critical comments, sarcastic wit or an angry tirade. The irony is that a gay person who sees red whenever the word church or the word Christian is spoken gives an unhealthy priority to the church. In effect, those who may be attempting to escape the negative influence and the pain that came from the church feed those negative and painful feelings and take them with them wherever they go. As a result, they cannot outrun the church any more than they can outrun their shadow. You may be a very strong gay person, but you are not strong enough to carry the entire church on your shoulders.

The homophobic father who rejected you, who kicked you out of home when he learned you are gay may become an emotional hemorrhoid unless you can forgive him. Long after he is dead, you may be packing around his corpse. Forgiveness helps. Acknowledge the ways in which he hurt you and forgive him for each behavior. You may need to write him a letter of forgiveness. You can even forgive those who are dead. A visit to the grave to offer forgiveness may bring healing.

As a gay person, you need to forgive those people and institutions that hurt you. And the less those people or institutions deserve your forgiveness, the deeper the pain and the more you need to forgive. When you forgive the offending people and institutions, you will find more happiness. The happiness you find will make life more enjoyable and will make it easier for you to do wonderful things for people.

Some gay people hate themselves for being gay. If you hate yourself for being gay, you may want to forgive yourself for being gay.

Forgiveness is investing in yourself. You are worth the investment. Because God created you and Jesus Christ died for you, your worth cannot be measured. As a person who has more value than all of the gold and diamonds in the world, you are worth all you can invest in yourself and you are worth all that the Jesus Christ invested in you at Calvary.

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