Do Gay People Become Straight?

You think gay people can become straight. Think again. God created gay people to be gay, bisexual people to be bisexual, straight people to be straight. God did not create gay and bisexual people to be straight. That is why changing one's sexual orientation does not work.

Exodus International, an organization that used to be noted for helping gay people try to live as straight people, closed. The organization apologized to the gay community for the pain it caused gay people. Articles about Exodus International's closing and the apology can be found below:

  • From CNN - Group Apologizes to Gay Community, Shuts Down 'Cure' Ministry.
  • From The Guardian - The 'ex-gay' ministry apologises: a welcome digression from the sin script.
Links to a few news items of many stories of gay people who tried to become straight appear below:

  • From ABC News, Good Morning America, we are able to read the story of Christine Bakke who tried for four years to become straight through ex-gay ministry.
  • Check the stories of fourteen people who tried to become straight through forms of ex-gay ministry or ex-gay counselling on the Human Rights Campaign web site. The testimonies can be read directly by downloading the Finally Free booklet.
  • From Peterson Toscano, was in the ex-gay movement for years. He tells a little about his story on his web site and in a play, Doing Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House.

You are welcome to email us URLs of other stories of people who unsuccessfully tried to become straight. Personal stories are welcome. All stories will be posted without a name, unless you tell us you want your name on your story.