The Gay Life Style

There is no such thing as "The Gay Life Style." In fact, there are many different gay life styles, just as there are many different life styles in the straight community.

Most of the things gay people do on a daily basis are not particularly exciting. A lot of what gay people do is not really gay. Going to work, preparing supper, cleaning the house, and mowing the lawn are not activities unique to the gay community.

Some people seem to think the gay life style is what they see on a ten second news report about a gay pride parade. One day in a year is not a life style and should not be confused with a life style. That would be like saying all Christians have a Christmas Day life style all year or that Fourth of July is the life style all Americans have all year.

The gay life is not all about sex. Non-stop sex and non-stop sex shopping is not what it means to be gay. The gay community should not be judged by news reports about gay pride weeks any more than the straight community should be judged by the excesses of a few college students during spring break.

In an effort to give a better understanding of the gay community, we are giving space to gay people to describe their life style. These pages may describe a typical day or a typical week in the life of a gay person. A few examples of gay life styles can be found by clicking on one of the links that follow:

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